Fabulous program & experience, thank you ICNM!
- BRITISH Naturopathic Association UK
Illuminating talks, fascinating topics
- JAPAN Naturopathic Medicine Society
Thank you for a very exciting & enriching program, see you next year
- SOUTH AFRICA University Western Cape, School of Natural Medicine
  • Official languages: English & French
  • Simultaneous translations provided for all lectures.
  • Earn CE Credits –  ICNM is an approved CE provider of education and your attendance of the ICNM congress is counted towards CE credits. For more information: Dr Boudet ND :
Call for Abstract is CLOSED.

Theme: Restoring Health Naturally – Focus on Anti-aging
The ICNM scientific committee and the executive organizing committee is working together to present an exceptional program in line with our commitment to innovation, expertise and excellence.
The goal of the ICNM is to provide an environment where you are able to learn new ways to enhance your practice, and as a result, to apply that knowledge immediately.


Inspirational speakers from across the globe!
- UNITED KINGDOM General Council and Register of Naturopaths

Dr Michael Traub ND, DHANP, FABNO

    Dr Sussanna Czeranko ND

      Daniel Kieffer ND

        Dr Josh Donaldson ND

          Dr Fraser Smith MATD, ND, CNS, LDN

            Dr Mikhael Adams BSc, ND

              Dr Nasha Winters ND, LAc, FABNO

                Dr Steven Ottersberg ND, MSc

                  Dr Satya Ambrose ND, LAc

                    Dr Hilary Farberow Stuart ND

                      Dr Ananda Mahony ND, MSc, BHS

                        Michael Scholes Master Herbalist, Professor

                          Dr Ameet Aggarwal ND

                            Dr Angela Cortal ND

                              Dr Christos Miliankos ND, BSc

                                Dr Mi-Jung Lee ND, LAc, Dipl. OM

                                  Elizabeth Greenwood ND, Masters Herbal Medicine

                                    Dr Masha Makeeva ND

                                      Dr Holly Christy ND, LEAMP, CACI, JSCCI

                                        Dr. Russell B. Marz ND

                                          Dr Nirala Jacobi ND

                                            Hélène Ferran ND

                                              … and more !

                                              MEET OUR TOP RESEARCHERS

                                              Dr Matthew Hicks ND


                                                Olivia Giguere ND


                                                  Francisco Cidral-Filho ND


                                                    Karen Mcelroy ND


                                                      Teresa Catarina Maia ND


                                                        Claudia Teixeira de Almeida ND


                                                          Carolina Dos Santos ND


                                                            Dr Daniele Gould ND


                                                              Diana Vidinha ND


                                                                Sara Rosado Ricardo ND


                                                                  Andrew Cameria Gomez ND


                                                                    Angela Doolan BA, BNat


                                                                      Netta Gerad ND


                                                                        Orly Ben Lulu ND


                                                                          Shani Oved ND


                                                                            Efrat Algressi ND


                                                                              Igor Ogorevc ND


                                                                                Tania Pinto ND


                                                                                  … and more !

                                                                                  REGISTRATION OPEN – WELCOME DESK
                                                                                  EXHIBITION HALL OPEN, NETWORKING, POSTER PRESENTATIONS
                                                                                  WELCOME NOTE - ICNM Executive Committee & Ambassadors
                                                                                  OFFICIAL OPENING French Naturopathic Medicine Federation

                                                                                  Dr Satya AMBRUNIOSE, ND, LAc, UNITED STATES

                                                                                  Naturopathic Doctor, Professor at NUNM, Worked with Dr Kutter PhD mapping E. coli bacteriophage. Studied microbiome and taught oriental medicine with Dr So.

                                                                                  Lecturing in psychoneuroimmunology and interactions with endocrinology, rheumatology gastroenterology, toxicology and infectious disease. Mentor to medical interns.
                                                                                  Dr Ambrose has been given many awards and recognitions in our profession.

                                                                                  Dr Russell B. MARZ ND, L.Ac, UNITED STATES

                                                                                  Received his B.S. in Food & Nutrition in 1979 from BSU in New York. In 1983 he earned his doctorate at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, OR. Dr. Marz is a licensed acupuncturist and earned a master’s degree in Chinese Medicine and acupuncture in 1994. Professor of nutrition at NCNM, Western States Chiropractic College, SW College of Naturopathic Medicine and the Oregon Coll  ege of Oriental Medicine.
                                                                                  Published textbook in Medical Nutrition. Medical director at the Tabor Hill Clinic in Portland, Oregon.

                                                                                  Dr Nasha WINTERS ND, LAc, FABNO, UNITED STATES

                                                                                  Naturopathic Doctor, Member SIO, ASCO, AANP, CoANP, OncANP, AIHM; visionary and CEO of Optimal Terrain Consulting, Changing the Cancer Conversation; Best Selling Author “The Metabolic Approach to Cancer” co-authored with Jess Higgins-Kelley, MNT; lectures and presents worldwide on Integrative Oncology, Mistletoe Ambassador.

                                                                                  Dr Steven OTTERSBERG ND, MSc, UNITED STATES

                                                                                  Naturopathic Medicine Doctor, B.S. Biochemistry, M.S. (ABD) in Biochemistry; Research focus on drug design, biochemistry, toxicology and physiology; Clinical nutrition expert, Oncology Nutrigenomic Coach, Consultant Optimal Terrain Consulting; Faculty member of Progressive Medical Education, teaching human genetic testing in medicine for physicians; International Lecturer and Speaker.

                                                                                  Dr Fraser SMITH MATD, ND, CNS, LDN, UNITED STATES

                                                                                  Naturopathic Medicine Doctor, Program Dean & Professor National University of Health Sciences; Author of textbooks and researcher on heart health; current President of Association of Accredited Naturopathic Medical Colleges AANMC.

                                                                                  PRESENTING RESEARCH POSTER AUTHORS + PARTNERS
                                                                                  WELCOME COCKTAIL RECEPTION – EXHIBITION, NETWORKING, POSTERS
                                                                                  TO VIEW PROGRAM DAY 2: CLICK ABOVE - SATURDAY JULY 8
                                                                                  Mind, Body & Spirit Meditation

                                                                                  Daniel Kieffer ND, FRANCE

                                                                                  Founder of Cenatho School, Director of Master programs, leading figure in Europe in Naturopathic Medicine since 1978, Author of 40 books, lecturer in over 2000 conferences, Master’s in Psychology and Sophrology, Heilpraktiker, Clinician, Psychotherapist, Professor. France

                                                                                  Dr Hilary FARBEROW STUART ND, UNITED STATES

                                                                                  Dr Farberow Stuart graduated from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in 1987. In practice over 35 years, Dr. Stuart developed “Illuminated Healing Systems” a multilevel system that integrates the physical body with the energetic, emotional, mental, spiritual and nondual. With a BA in Psychology, Hilary also has training in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Cranial Sacral Therapy, and Enneagram graduate study. A coach in Radiant Mind with Peter Fenner, Ph.D., Hilary completed the Nondual Training for Teachers and Therapists. Currently Hilary works in private practice with individuals and couples and teaches “Illuminated Healing Systems”, in the form of lectures and presentations.

                                                                                   Dr Josh DONALDSON ND, UNITED STATES

                                                                                  Doctorate ND from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, OR 2004.

                                                                                  Post-doctoral research fellowship at the Rath Research Institute including residency in pain management & rehabilitation. Private practice for 14 years and is the medical director of the Longevity Medical Institute in Los Gatos, CA where he specializes in IV Therapy, Ozone Therapy & Regenerative Medicine injections.

                                                                                  Dr. Donaldson has also served as an Adjunct Professor at local Colleges and has spoken at medical conferences throughout the US since 2007

                                                                                  BREAK, NETWORKING, EXHIBITION, POSTERS

                                                                                  Dr Mikhael ADAMS, ND, BSc, CANADA

                                                                                  Doctorate from the National University of Naturopathic Medicine in 1981. Ten-year practice in Seattle, now in private practice in Milton, Ontario. Expert in nutrition, homeopathy, drainage, acupuncture, and auricular medicine. Dr. Adams is the president of the International Association of Auricular and Bioenergetic Medicine and has studied intensively with Dr. Paul Nogier in France. Dr. Adams taught Clinical Pathology at the Northwest Institute of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine from 1987 to 1993 and has been giving workshops in auricular medicine since 1984. Canada

                                                                                  Michael SCHOLES, Master Herbal Medicine, Professor, UNITED STATES

                                                                                  Master Herbalist, Professor, Expert in Aromatherapy, Biomedical Sciences Doctorate, Consultant, 30 years’ practice in Formulation, Research, Science & Application, created over 750 formulas; Specialist in Chronic Disease; National & International Lecturer; President Michael Scholes School of Aromatic Studies, Principal Laboratory of Flowers Aromatic Apothecary. UK

                                                                                  BREAK, NETWORKING, EXHIBITION, POSTERS

                                                                                  Dr Masha MAKEEVA ND, CANADA

                                                                                  Canadian board-certified Naturopathic Doctor. Dr Makeeva specializes in longevity, disease prevention and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. She is a faculty member at International Hyperbaric Association and regularly speaks at international conferences and seminars. Known for her unique ability to inspire and teach her clients how to take a proactive approach to health, Dr. Masha is considered an expert in age-related chronic diseases and their connection to nutrition and lifestyle. She hosts the leading podcast “Hyperbaric Living with Dr. Masha” where she interviews today’s global leaders in the field of hyperbaric medicine.

                                                                                  Dr Nirala JACOBI ND, AUSTRALIA

                                                                                  Internationally recognized Naturopathic Doctor, expert on small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO). She is the creator of the SIBO Biphasic Diet, a resource that has helped tens of thousands of SIBO sufferers around the world. Dr. Jacobi is the host of The SIBO Doctor Podcast and the founder of The SIBO Doctor, an online educational platform that includes a practitioner certification program. She is also the medical director of SIBO test, providing innovative testing options for SIBO and IBS. She is known for her systematic and effective approach to diagnosing and treating SIBO and other functional digestive disorders. Having received her naturopathic doctorate in 1998 from the esteemed Bastyr University in Seattle, USA she brings more than two decades of clinical experience and expertise to her clinic, the Biome Clinic in beautiful northern new south wales of Australia.

                                                                                  Dr Michael TRAUB ND, FABNO, USA

                                                                                  Dr. Michael Traub graduated from NCNM in 1981. He was board-certified by the Homeopathic Academy of Naturopathic Physicians in 1989 and in 2007 by the American Board of Naturopathic Oncology (ABNO). He currently serves as Treasurer on the AANP Board of Directors. He was AANP President from 2001-2003 and in 2006 received the AANP Physician of the Year Award. He has taught dermatology at most of the naturopathic medical schools in North America and is the author of “Essentials of Dermatologic Diagnosis and Integrative Therapeutics.” He has practiced in Kailua Kona, Hawaii since 1985.

                                                                                  Dr Mi-Jung LEE ND, LAc, DIPL. OM, UNITED STATES

                                                                                  Naturopathic Doctor, Dr Lee runs a thriving naturopathic and acupuncture clinic in Washington, USA. In her practice, she incorporates traditional Asian herbal medicine and restorative acupuncture along with clinical nutrition and conventional medicine. Previously, she practiced at Tahoma Clinic, researches and consults functional medical testing methods at Meridian Valley Laboratory in Washington, USA. She also worked with a psychiatrist and internist, addressing mental health issues with naturopathic medicine and acupuncture. She, currently, explores her research in enteroendocrine system for chronic metabolic conditions. Born in Seoul, Korea, she has a genuine passion for helping people in health.


                                                                                  The Power of Naturopathic Medicine – Testimonial of recovery
                                                                                  HAPPY HOUR TEA PARTY
                                                                                  TO VIEW PROGRAM DAY 3: CLICK ABOVE = SUNDAY JULY 9
                                                                                  Mind, Body & Spirit Meditation

                                                                                  Elizabeth GREENWOOD ND, MHM, AUSTRALIA

                                                                                  Masters in Herbal Medicine, Sydney University. Past President Australian Natural Therapists Association. Lecturer Torrens University since 2010. Senior lecturer Endeavour College 2013 –         2017. Holistic Studio mentoring and traditional natural health courses. PrD Candidate Balneotherapy. Board member of ICNM.

                                                                                  Dr Ameet AGGARWAL ND

                                                                                  Naturopathic Doctor, Psychotherapist, voted top 43 NDs by the NDDC for combining naturopathic medicine, gestalt therapy and EMDR for anxiety, depression, trauma and disease. Bestselling author, over 16 years expertise combining naturopathic medicine, homeopathy and emotional healing technics to treat the origins of disease, including ancestral (family) and personal trauma. Ameet is an active supporter of the ICNM congress since its inception.

                                                                                  Dr Angela CORTAL ND

                                                                                  Dr. Angela Cortal is a Naturopathic Physician who has made it her mission to change how we approach and treat chronic joint pain by reversing the causes of arthritis.

                                                                                  She teaches her patients, the medical community, and the public her framework for treating chronic joint issues using a root-cause approach. Her goal is to help everyone experiencing chronic joint pain get healing, moving, and feeling their best as Dr. Cortal has done for herself and thousands of her patients.

                                                                                  Dr Christos MILIANKOS ND, BSC, AUSTRALIA

                                                                                  Naturopathic Doctor, extensive expertise in Homeopathy, Integrated Iridology and Bowen Therapy. President of the International Iridology Practitioners’ Association (IIPA).

                                                                                  Dr Miliankos use a variety of testing tools to accurately assess client’s needs.
                                                                                  These tools include Computer Iridology, Hemaview Live Blood screening, VLA Body composition analysis, Pathology testing and Allergy testing.

                                                                                  BREAK, NETWORKING, EXHIBITION, POSTERS

                                                                                  Dr Ananda MAHONY ND, MSC, BHS, AUSTRALIA

                                                                                  Naturopath & Nutritionist in Clinical Practice at Vibe Natural Health, Brisbane, since 2012. Clinical focus: integrative pain management, pain neuroscience education, complex health and autoimmune conditions. Clinical Supervisor & Lecturer in Nutrition and Naturopathy – Torrens University Australia. Jun 2018. Senior Lecturer Nutrition at Endeavour College of Natural Health, Australia, 2013-2017. Naturopathic Chair – Australian Natural Therapists Association, 2020-current. Master of Science in Medicine (Pain Management) 2020, Graduate Diploma in Nutrition 2019, Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy) 2001.

                                                                                  Dr Holly CHRISTY ND, LEAMP, CACI, JSCCI, UNITED STATES

                                                                                  Dr. Christy is the co-founder and director of the Bridge Back Project since October of 2017.
                                                                                  She is passionate about providing a research-based treatment to help ease suffering for those who have suffered from post-traumatic stress injuries. Instructor for the Counterstrain Academy and the Jones Institute, also clinical adjunct faculty member of Bastyr University.

                                                                                  Dr. Christy earned her Bachelor of Science from the University of Washington, Master of Acupuncture from Northwest Institute of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine, and Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University. She has been in practice since 2000.

                                                                                  Hélène FERRAN ND,PhD, FRANCE

                                                                                  PhD in Biology and Health (Molecular Biology) ND, Clinician, Professor at Paris and Rennes Campus, Cenatho France

                                                                                  BEST POSTER AWARD
                                                                                  BREAK, NETWORKING, EXHIBITION, POSTERS
                                                                                  Closing of the 7th ICNM PARIS 2023 - See you at the next ICNM Congress!
                                                                                  No schedule yet.

                                                                                  Restoring Health Naturally
                                                                                  Focus on Anti-aging

                                                                                  HOT TOPICS

                                                                                  Over the course of the congress, advanced academic sessions will be included along keynotes & lectures presented by prominent Professors from research centers and universities. Natural Medicine topics will include: chronic diseases, treatments related to pain management, digestive system, the nervous system, cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis & arthritis, oral diseases, allergies, hormones….and special dedicated sessions on nutrition, aromatherapy, herbal medicine, homeopathy, holistic treatments, ayurveda, natural supplements, mind body spirit…..

                                                                                  Specialized Fields

                                                                                  Chronic Diseases

                                                                                  Pain Management

                                                                                  The Immune System

                                                                                  The Digestive System

                                                                                  Cardiovascular Diseases

                                                                                  The Nervous System


                                                                                  Skin Diseases

                                                                                  Stress Management

                                                                                  Hormonal Imbalance

                                                                                  Mind, Body & Spirit


                                                                                  Public Health Nutrition

                                                                                  Woman Health


                                                                                  Reproductive Medicine


                                                                                  Addiction Therapy

                                                                                  Inflammatory Therapy


                                                                                  Specific Subjects


                                                                                  Alternative Medicine

                                                                                  Complementary Medicine

                                                                                  Herbal Therapy

                                                                                  Naturopathic Medicine

                                                                                  Nutritional Medicine

                                                                                  Integrative Medicine

                                                                                  Chinese Medicine


                                                                                  Meditation & Yoga



                                                                                  Holistic Medicine

                                                                                  Functional Medicine




                                                                                  Natural Therapies

                                                                                  3 Days of Powerful Talks
                                                                                  Join Us

                                                                                  Theme: Restoring Health Naturally
                                                                                  Focus on Anti-aging

                                                                                  The ICNM scientific committee invites integrative medicine experts, professors and naturopathic practitioners to submit your abstract to present at the 7th Annual Conference ICNM.

                                                                                  Key Dates

                                                                                  7th ICNM – Deadline for Oral Submission – SEPTEMBER 15, 2022 – CLOSED
                                                                                  7th ICNM – Deadline for Poster Submission – DECEMBER 15, 2022 – CLOSED

                                                                                  The Poster Area is in our view the heart of a modern congress. It will be accessible throughout the 3 day event. Delegates enjoy guided commentary to selected posters.

                                                                                  Presentation Topics

                                                                                  The scientific committee welcomes relevant topics which address the current and future needs of healthcare professionals in many jurisdictions.
                                                                                  learning objectives must be submitted in point or bullet form.


                                                                                  All materials must be free from any commercial bias and be the presenter’s original material complete with appropriate sources and relevant disclosures.
                                                                                  Abstract submission form is to be filled out in English only.
                                                                                  Abstract submission form must contain learning objectives & references.

                                                                                  THE BEST IN INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE COMES TOGETHER
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