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- British Naturopathic Association UK

Thème - Prise en charge globale
Le rôle de la Naturopathie pour restaurer la santé durable

Le programme est officiellement accrédité

  • Langues – Anglais, Français
  • Traduction simultanée pour l’intégralité du programme
  • Programme Accrédité. Pour plus d’information, contacter la Présidente du Comité Scientifique : Dr Boudet ND: 


ICNM - Contenu & Conférenciers exceptionnels!
- Hellenic Association of Naturopathy Grèce

Dr Michael Traub ND, DHANP, FABNO

    Dr Sussanna Czeranko ND

      Daniel Kieffer ND

        Dr Josh Donaldson ND

          Dr Fraser Smith MATD, ND, CNS, LDN

            Dr Mikhael Adams BSc, ND

              Dr Nasha Winters ND, LAc., FABNO

                Dr Steven Ottersberg ND, MSc

                  Dr Satya Ambrose ND, LAc

                    Dr Hilary Farberow Stuart ND

                      Dr Ananda Mahony ND, MSc, BHS

                        Dr Ameet Aggarwal ND

                          Dr Angela Cortal ND

                            Dr Christos Miliankos ND, BSc

                              Michael Scholes Master Herbal Medicine, Professor

                                Elizabeth Greenwood ND, Adv.Dip HSc

                                  Dr Masha Makeeva ND

                                    Dr Holly Christy ND, LEAMP, CACI, JSCCI

                                      Dr Russell B. Marz ND

                                        Dr Nirala Jacobi ND

                                          Hélène Ferran ND

                                            …et plus !

                                            PRÉSENTATION SCIENTIFIQUE

                                            Dr Matthew Hicks ND


                                              Francisco Cidral- Filho ND


                                                Karen Mcelroy ND


                                                  Teresa Catarina Maia ND


                                                    Claudia Teixeira de Almeida ND


                                                      Carolina Dos Santos ND


                                                        Dr Daniele Gould ND


                                                          Diana Vidinha ND


                                                            Sara Rosado Ricardo ND


                                                              Andrew Cameria Gomez ND


                                                                Angela Doolan BA, BNAT


                                                                  Netta Gerad ND


                                                                    Orly Ben Lulu ND


                                                                      Shani Oved ND


                                                                        Efrat Algressi ND


                                                                          …et plus !

                                                                          JOUR 1 Ouverture: Inscription & Accueil - Networking - Expo - Poster
                                                                          Networking - Exhibition - Posters
                                                                          Mot de Bienvenue - Comité Exécutif & Ambassadeurs ICNM
                                                                          Ouverture Officielle du 6e Congrès ICNM 2019 - Invité d'Honneur
                                                                          14:25-17:00 Ouverture des Conférences
                                                                          JOUR 1 - Vendredi

                                                                          Dr Sussanna C.CZERANKO ND, UNITED STATES

                                                                          Naturopathic Medicine Doctor, ND BBE licensed in Oregon, USA, practicing since 1994, incorporating ‘nature-cure’ approaches into primary care by including Balneotherapy, Hydrotherapy, Breathing therapy and Nutrition. Faculty member, Rare Books Curator at NUNM. Founding board member of the Buteyko Breathing Educators Association, Owner of the traditional naturopathic clinic Manitou Waters, Saskatchewan, scheduled to open in August, 2019, International Lecturer & Speaker, Book author, Honorary member of ICNM.

                                                                          UNITED STATES

                                                                          Dr Marc BUBBS ND, CISSN, CSCS, CANADA

                                                                          Doctor Naturopathic Medicine, Professor, National & International Speaker, Lecturer, former Strength Coach and Director Nutrition for the Canadian Men’s Olympic Basketball Team, Acclaimed Author – The Paleo Project: 21st Century Guide, Contributor to Re-Find Health Breaking Muscle and, Nutrition advisory board member Strong Magazine, Consults with professional sports teams NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB, Researcher, Expert in Nutrition, Fasting & Diabetes.


                                                                          Dr Nasha WINTERS ND, FABNO, L.Ac, UNITED STATES

                                                                          Naturopathic Doctor, Member SIO, ASCO, AANP, CoANP, OncANP, AIHM, visionary and CEO of Optimal Terrain Consulting, Changing the Cancer Conversation, Best Selling Author “The Metabolic Approach to Cancer” co-authored with Jess Higgins-Kelley, MNT, lectures and presents worldwide on Integrative Oncology, Mistletoe Ambassador – research, advisory and education of the utilization of Mistletoe in clinical practice.

                                                                          UNITED STATES

                                                                          Dr Steven OTTERSBERG ND, MS Biochemistry, UNITED STATES

                                                                          Naturopathic Medicine Doctor, B.S. Biochemistry, M.S. (ABD) in Biochemistry, Research focus on drug design, biochemistry, toxicology and physiology, Clinical nutrition expert, Oncology Nutrigenomic Coach, Consultant Optimal Terrain Consulting, Faculty member of Progressive Medical Education, teaching human genetic testing in medicine for physicians, International Lecturer and Speaker.

                                                                          UNITED STATES

                                                                          Dr Fraser SMITH ND, MATD, UNITED STATES

                                                                          Naturopathic Medicine Doctor, Programme Dean & Professor National University of Health Sciences, Author of textbooks and researcher on heart health, current President of Association of Accredited Naturopathic Medical Colleges AANMC.

                                                                          UNITED STATES
                                                                          Global Patient Care, Restoring Health Naturally - Invited Guest Speaker
                                                                          Présentation des Recherches Scientifiques Posters & Partenaires
                                                                          Réception & Cocktail de Bienvenue - Networking - Expo - Poster
                                                                          JOUR 2 Ouverture: Inscription & Accueil - Networking - Expo - Poster
                                                                          Mind, Body & Spirit Meditation
                                                                          09:35-18:00 Ouverture des Conférences
                                                                          JOUR 2 - Samedi 6

                                                                          Dr LuLu SHIMEK ND & Co-author Adora WINQUIST Master Botanical Medicine, UNITED STATES

                                                                          Dr Lulu SHIMEK ND: Naturopathic Medicine Doctor, Autoimmune diseases & chronic inflammatory conditions expert, Botanical Medicine Director for Veterans Healing Farm, leads educational healing retreats and workshops, International lecturer.

                                                                          Adora WINQUIST: Integrative Nutrition expert, Master Botanical Medicine, Advanced Holistic Aromatherpist Rutger’s University, Mind Body & Spirit counsellor, certified teacher in vibrational & energy healing, Lecturer & International Speaker,

                                                                          UNITED STATES

                                                                          Dr Marisol TEIJEIRO ND, BA, CANADA

                                                                          Naturopathic Medicine Doctor, Professor at CCNM, Environmental Medicine & Homotoxicology expert, International Speaker, Medial Advisor for Heel Canada, Medical Director Sanas Health Practice, Researcher, Author.


                                                                          Research/Poster Presentation, Networking and Exhibition

                                                                          Dr Stefan Kuprowsky MA, ND, CANADA

                                                                          Naturopathic Medicine Doctor, expert in Chinese Herbal Medicine, Professor Boucher Institute of Naturopathic Medicine, specializes in treating depression, anxiety & psychosis disorders, Lecturer & International Speaker, owner EcoMed Clinic and Spa Vancouver.


                                                                          Michael SCHOLES Master Herbalist, UNITED KINGDOM

                                                                          Professor, Master Aromatherapy, Biomedical Sciences Doctorate, Consultant, Master Herbalist, 30 years practice in formulation, Research, Science & Application, created over 750 formulas, Specialist in Chronic Disease, National & International Lecturer, President Michael Scholes School of Aromatic Studies, Principal Laboratory of Flowers Aromatic Apothecary.

                                                                          UNITED KINGDOM
                                                                          Pause libre ou déjeuner networking/pré-réservation

                                                                          Dr Jason Allan LOKEN ND, DOMP, RMT, PhD (cand), CANADA

                                                                          Naturopathic Medicine Doctor, DOMP, Founder Center For Integrative Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine, Osteopathy, Applied Kinesiology, and the Walsh Mental Health Approach, former professor of Orthopedics and Physical Medicine at the Canadian College of Naturopathy, Author of two books including the inspirational book, “Letters that Move the World; intentional acts of gratitude”, International Lecturer & Speaker.


                                                                          Dr Matthew HICKS ND, MSM UNITED STATES

                                                                          Naturopathic Medicine Doctor, expert in Psychedelic Psychiatry, Resident physician at Amenda Clinic in Portland Oregon, intensive research in integrative mental health, published author, National & International lecturer.

                                                                          UNITED STATES

                                                                          Dr Marie MATHESON ND BSc, L.Ac, CANADA

                                                                          Naturopathic Medicine Doctor, licensed Acupuncturist, Member International Lyme & Associated Diseases Society, complex autoimmune illness expert, specializes in Parasitic Fungal Viral Infections, Mold Toxicity, PANDAS/PANS, Autism (ASD), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Autoimmune, Neurological conditions & Environmental Illness, registered College of Naturopaths of Ontario (CONO) & Canadian Association of Naturopathic Doctors (CAND) & Ontario Association of Naturopathic Doctors (OAND), Advisory Board member The Forum for Integrative Medicine, member AOR’s Medical Advisory Council Society, International Lecturer and Speaker.


                                                                          Dr Taylor BEAN ND, CANADA

                                                                          Naturopathic Physician, Acupuncture & Neural Therapy expert, Associate at Selkirk Naturopathic Clinic, International lecture, MAPS practitioner, ART certified, ILADS, CAND and BCNA member. 


                                                                          Catherine Ellen AMEY ND, ITALY

                                                                          Naturopathic Medicine practitioner, Heilpraktiker, Psychosomatic expert, Mind body & spirit counsellor, teaches reflexology yoga and meditation, Advisory Board ICNM, National & International lecturer.  

                                                                          Happy Hour Tea Party - Networking - Exhibition - Poster - Sentosa Hall
                                                                          JOUR 3 Ouverture Inscription & Accueil - Networking - Expo - Poster
                                                                          Mind, Body & Spirit Meditation
                                                                          09:35-13:35 Ouverture des Conférences
                                                                          JOUR 3 - Dimanche

                                                                          Dominique PARADIS ND, PhyD, CANADA

                                                                          Naturopathic Medicine expert, Pythotherpist, Mind body & spirit counsellor, Holistic Nutrition certification, Professor, heads wellness workshops and seminars nationally, International Speaker & lecturer.


                                                                          Dr Eric BLAKE ND, MSOM, D.Ac., UNITED STATES

                                                                          Naturopathic Physician and Diplomate of Acupuncture, Director Portland Clinic of Holistic Health, expert Integrative Cancer care, Primary care, Preventive and Wellness care, Contributing editor and author to textbooks on Naturopathic Medicine including Naturopathic Physical Medicine, Chronic Pelvic Pain, Fibromyalgia, and Constitutional Hydrotherapy, Lecturer National & International professional congresses, Research focus on Naturopathic Physiotherapy for Digestive Disorders, Cancer, Metabolic Disease, Diabetes, and acute Infections.

                                                                          UNITED STATES

                                                                          Dominique LIVKAMAL ND, MPH, Bch Hlth Sc, AUSTRALIA

                                                                          Naturopathic Medicine expert, Master Herbalist, founder medicine room naturopathic herbal dispensary, Mind body & spirit educator, author The Wellness Zone, The Magic of Food as Medicine, Awarded Australia herbalist of the year in 2012/2013, writer for prestigious Australian Wellness and health magazines Nature and Health for 15 years, herbalist and, counsellor at traditional naturopathic clinics in Moffats beach Caloundra, International Lecturer & Speaker.


                                                                          Research/Poster Presentation, Networking and Exhibition

                                                                          Dr Kin LEUNG BSc, ND, CPCC, FABNO, CHt, CFMP, CCS,CANADA

                                                                          Doctor Naturopathic Medicine, Fellow American Board of Naturopathic Oncology, Clinical Hypnotherapist, ACAM in Chelation Therapy, National & International Lecturer in Cancer treatment & heavy metal testing.


                                                                          Karen MCELROY ND, AUSTRALIA,

                                                                          Naturopathic Medicine Physician, 20 years clinical experience specializing in women and children’s health, Master Anthroposophic Medicine, Consultant and Clinical Supervisor to several top clinics in Australia, Lecturer Endeavour College of Natural Health, Writer, National & International Speaker, runs popular workshops on children’s health, stress management, meditation, Expert holistic healing.


                                                                          Dr Tamara DICKSON ND, UNITED STATES,

                                                                          Naturopathic Physician, Adjunct Faculty at Bastyr University teaching medical students and continuing education for professionals, International Lecturer and Educator on Naturopathic Medicine, Certified in NAET, nutrigenomics, oncology & craniosacral therapy, owner of Naturista Integrative Resources &Clarity Natural Medicine, PsychANP founder, GCRN member.

                                                                          UNITED STATES
                                                                          Maladies Chroniques Le rôle de la naturopathie dans le traitement des maladies chroniques
                                                                          Le Choix des Speakers - Prix des 3 Gagnants Presentations Scientifiques/Posters
                                                                          Conclusion du congrès - ICNM Comité Exécutif & Ambassadeurs
                                                                          13:25 –15:00
                                                                          Networking - Expo - Poster
                                                                          Déjeuner Networking - pré-réservation obligatoire
                                                                          Retrouvons-nous l'an prochain! Fermeture - Networking - Expo - Poster

                                                                          Thème - Prise en charge globale
                                                                          Le rôle de la Naturopathie pour restaurer la santé durable

                                                                          Nouveau programme 2023 en cours

                                                                          Champs Thérapeutiques
                                                                          Sujets Spécifiques

                                                                          Le Comité Scientifique prépare pour vous un programme exceptionnel, conforme à notre engagement d’excellence face à l’innovation, l’expertise et le partage.

                                                                          Champs Thérapeutiques

                                                                          Médecine Naturopathique

                                                                          Médecine Complémentaire

                                                                          Médecine Chinoise-Acupuncture

                                                                          Médecine Traditionnelle-Ayurveda



                                                                          Médecine Alternative





                                                                          Thérapies Energétiques

                                                                          Méditation & Yoga

                                                                          Médecine Préventive



                                                                          Médecine Holistique

                                                                          Thérapies Manuelles



                                                                          Sujets Spécifiques

                                                                          Maladies Auto-Immunes

                                                                          Maladies Neurodégénératives

                                                                          Maladies Chroniques

                                                                          Maladies Toxiques

                                                                          Maladies Infectieuses

                                                                          Maladies de la peau

                                                                          Maladies ORL

                                                                          Maladies du Système digestif

                                                                          Système Hormonal






                                                                          Maladies Cardio-vasculaires

                                                                          Maladies du système nerveux

                                                                          3 JOURS AVEC DES EXPERTS DU MONDE ENTIER

                                                                          Thème: Prise en charge globale - Le rôle de la Naturopathie pour restaurer la santé durable

                                                                          Dates importantes

                                                                          7e ICNM – Date limite de soumission pour proposition de Conférence – 15 septembre 2022 – CLOTURER
                                                                          7e ICNM – Date limite de soumission pour presentation scientifique en format Poster/ Affiche – 15 décembre 2022 – OUVERT

                                                                          Votre résumé devra être soumis en ANGLAIS.
                                                                          La description de votre résumé ne devra pas excéder 1 page.
                                                                          Préparer votre texte en format Word en utilisant la typo Arial.
                                                                          Votre résumé devra s’articuler en 4 parties bien distinctes:

                                                                          1. Introduction/objectif du travail
                                                                          2. Matériel et Méthodes
                                                                          3. Objectifs éducatifs
                                                                          4. Références

                                                                          Le Comité Scientifique invite les experts à soumettre un résumé pour présenter une conférence lors du 7e ICNM.
                                                                          Les propositions seront évaluées pour leur contenu scientifique et pertinence clinique.
                                                                          La présentation Recherche/Poster sera accessible durant les 3 jours.
                                                                          Le résultat sera communiqué par courriel 2 semaines après la date de fermeture de soumission.

                                                                          Choix de présentation 

                                                                          L’auteur devra indiquer sa préférence: présentation oral ou poster. Le choix définitif est du ressort du Comité Scientifique.
                                                                          L’auteur du résumé sélectionné pour une présentation orale ou poster devra être impérativement présent au congrès. Si l’auteur ne peut pas se rendre au congrès, il devra en informer le secrétariat à l’avance. 

                                                                          "EXCELLENCE EN SANTÉ NATURELLE" - UBN